la pièce de resistance

oh me oh my. every day is a constant struggle. a battle to arrive first at work so as to get...

the Good White Mug.

"what's so special about this mug?" you might ask... well, it's winning qualities cannot be put into words for a blog simply to make YOU understand. its distinguishing characteristics come with holding it. sipping from it. walking the office halls so others see i am in posession of it.

the story goes...

Mug was brought in by sophie who worked in marketing. several months later, sophie is moved in-stores and foolishly leaves Mug behind. i first notice Mug when sophie returns for a meeting and clutches it for dear life during a powerpoint presentation. needless to say, that was the moment i fell in love with Mug. did i want Mug because Mug was unattainable? in the hands of another? or was Mug so special that it didn't matter?

either way, from that moment on, Mug and i were inseperable. the it-couple of 2700 Dufferin, unit 89. we'd read morning emails together, share our break-time in the warehouse, prepare for meetings, and hydrate through crunch time. we were like two peas in a pod.

enter marianne.

from the day marianne got here, she was gunning for Mug. even Mug knew it. but what could I do? only hope and pray id be first to arrive. unfortunately, this was impossible as i am painfully sluggish in the mornings. and once marianne got a taste of Mug, that. was. it! i had failed Mug. as a friend, a lover and a protector.

id arrive mornings and run directly to the dishwasher but boom! Mug was with marianne in customer service, giggling and smiling, causing pain and heartache within the pits of my coffeeless stomach. id hide Mug the night before, but there were only so many places... i had to accept that Mug and i were no longer in an exclusive relationship, that Mug was now part of marianne's life too.

well, it's been over a month since marianne and Mug started... you know... "doing it" and every day it hurts a little more.

except today.

today i've reclaimed Mug. swiped her from the top shelf and made it clear Mug is exclusively mine. as all the other cups and plates are my witness, i will no longer stand for sharing Mug. ive worked too hard, shared too many good times to throw it all away to a french girl with cute fashion sense and wildly commendable nail color choices. today, i will ask Mug to take my index finger in holy mugtrimony.

update: mug said yes!


andrea said...

you kill me

dave said...

hilarious, lolo.

dad said...

It's great! You're very talented and special!

Lynda said...

Hey Laur,
So happy to hear you are in a monoMUGamous relationship.....
Thanks for the laugh.