he sniffs therefore he is.

The idiot I sat next to on my flight home from France yesterday fell into the "you make me sick" category. He spent the full 8 hours sniffing. It was endless. Sniff. Sniff. Sniff. Sip water. Sniff. Touch wife's leg. Sniff. Sniff.

As a result of sheer boredom, complete irritation and the foresight that I'd need this info for an upcoming blog post, I actually counted how many sniffs in a single minute. Curious?

17 sniffs! That's almost one sniff every 3 seconds. If you do the math (don't bother, i did it for you) that's 8160 sniffs. And some minutes were more jam packed with sniffs than others. Needless to say, those were bad minutes.

At one point during the flight he blew his nose into his denim jacket collar. Classy.

He single handedly ruined my entire trip to France.

Thanks, 24C.

Love, 24D.

ps. i just reread this post and i found that it didnt parlay my actual anger. just know, i was furious. thought i'd make that clear.

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