My Parents and Technology.

My mom recently joined Facebook, so I just IMed her to say hello. She typed for a long time before finally calling me and asking me how to make it send what she wrote as she couldn't find the button. I told her to hit enter.

This is the IM I got...

"Hi my angel. I miss you. I don't know how to use this thing. How do I send this? Can you see me typing? Help help help help ... Send send send send send send send send send send now send now send now finished SEND SEND Help send".

It reminded me of the time my mom, after years of refusing to learn how to turn on our TV and surround sound, finally asked me to write everything down for her. I included a step that said, "shake the remote at least 15 times in order to charge." I caught her doing it several months later. She still hadn't realized that step was a joke.

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