Customer Servents

I deal with the customer service department within the company I work for on a daily basis. Mostly because the customer complaints targeted at us are just pure comedic entertainment. The latest one comes from a lady who bought a candle which apparently burned a toonie size hole down the middle to the bottom, instead of melting the wax in a progressive manner. After customer service here sent her an email explaining to her how candles must be burned (Obviously not the best move, Also... we have instructions on how to burn candles???), she sent back a dewzie. Here's an exerpt:

"It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how to burn a candle and to have to read a manual on how to burn your candles is totally ridiculous. I've been burning candles for over 50 years so to be told to read instructions is an insult. If I can successfully burn a 3 wick candle than I should not have encountered a 1 wick candle problem."

A "1 wick candle problem". Priceless.

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