50 seconds AT LEAST

Ok, so here's what's up. If you haven't already seen this guy, his name is Jack Vale and what he does is follow people around in stores and narrates their every move in a hilarious way over the phone. I tried to watch it at work but I got through to the :35 mark and had to pause it because I was gonna start laughing out loud. After a short break I resumed the video but again at the :50 mark, I lost it. So I've stopped full stop. Go ahead and watch. I can't promise it will make you laugh like I did. I probably had such a hard time containing myself because I know i CAN'T laugh, like when you're at a funeral or something (not me but a guy I know...). Anyway, I am guaranteeing you will enjoy this. So once again, that's no guarantees on laughs but definitely on enjoyment. We clear?


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