The Judy Review, Vol. 1: Black Swan

The Judy Review is a sporadic phone conversation with my mom regarding films she watches, transcribed for your reading pleasure. To read all Judy Reviews, click [here].

JUDY: "Gerry and I went to see Black Swan. We hated it."
Me: "You hated it???"
JUDY: "We hated it. I mean, I hated it but Gerry really hated it."
Me: "Oh, ok."
JUDY: "She was great though, Portman whatever."
Me: "Natalie."
JUDY: "Right, Natalie Portman. But she's no Gwyneth."
Me: "Gwyneth?"
JUDY: "Yah, I love Gwyneth. Don't you?"
Me: "She's pretty good I guess."
JUDY: "Can you imagine having the name Gwyneth?"
Me: "No, mom."
JUDY: "She's fabulous, eh? She has that goy'ish look."
Me: "She's Jewish."
JUDY: "She is???"
Me: "Well her dad is Jewish."
JUDY: "Who's her dad?"
Me: "Bruce Paltrow."
JUDY: "Dunno him."
Me: "He died."
JUDY: "She isn't Jewish if her mother isn't Jewish though."
Me: "True."
JUDY: "Not like you! You're Jewish, cuz i'm Jewish."
Me: "Yes, mom."
JUDY: "I'm gonna go see that Country whatever movie next."
Me: "Ugh."

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