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Oh my dear reader, you know so little about everything. That's what brings you here! And thank goodness for that. So long as you continue to return, I have influence on your likes and dislikes. I like having this authority. I feel powerful with a strong sense of regency. Check me out, Mom! I'm superior!

Okay... Okay... I'll chill with the power trip. You know me though, always overdo'ing it. I moved from Montreal to Toronto because this restaurant I once tried here when visiting made an amazing veggie burger. Well i'm no longer a vegetarian and the restaurant closed last year. Do you see the point i'm trying to make? No? Me neither.

Oh right - Music! (I realize I haven't once mentioned music in this post).

I know you're all like "Omg guys, have you heard the new Radiohead?" and "The new Adele is so amazing" but shut up for like, 5 g-d damn minutes, will you?!?! I want to take just a few moments of your precious, apparently "music critic" time to tell you about the new Cold War Kids album.

Who are the Cold War Kids? Well, Websters Dictionary defines them as... No wait. That's not right.


You're feeling it, aren't you? Tell me about it. This is from their latest record. Keep reading...

The Cold War Kids are from the LBC (Hey! That's where Snoop is from!) and their record label is home to some of your other favorite artists like Cee-Lo Green and Scissor Sisters (you know you like them). If that's not enough of a sell, their latest album which was JUST released (I picked it up on vinyl this weekend and then bought it on itunes tonight) was produced by the same douchenozzle who produced the latest Kings of Leon album- You know, the one all your friends talk about on Facebook. Personally, I hate the KOL. I think they're terrible and obnoxious. Sorry (to you, not them). I can, however, recognize a well produced album, which both of these are.

Anyway - I am in love with Cold War Kids new album - Mine Is Yours - and I just want to share it with you (but not buy it for you! i gots bills ta pay!). Standout tracks include "Mine is Yours" & "Royal Blue" but truthfully, they're all awesometown. Take my word and go get it on itunes and listen to it in order, in entirety. If you don't like it, I will personally come to your house and give you an atomic wedgie - and THAT is a promise.

Buy It - Here's the link.

So? Did you go yet? We're done here, so you can go.

Go on...

Seriously? GO! Stop reading, you're being such a creep.

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