The Benefits of Creative Friends

As i've previously mentioned, i just co-founded (sounds cooler than started or joined) a wine club this week. Obviously our first gathering was a massive success, and Antoinette was kind enough to record the meeting minutes. This was no easy task under the influence of fine wine, verbal chaos and general anarchy. She however, was valiant! The result? My new favourite blog.


Now be forewarned. Some of the content may be incomprehensible to you as you were not there. But I'm pretty sure you'll love it no matter what. Below are some of my favourite parts in case you are one of those people who rely on others to make any decisions for you.


In the "about us" section, she wrote: Alcohol. Albums. And 6 friends you've never met. 1 1/8th of us is Jewish. The rest mix it up. Together, we are...drunk. Theme: Alcohol. Purpose: Education (soon to be rehabilitation).

Other highlights:

A.D.M. "I heard if you describe wine like it's someone's personality you'll never go wrong. I've been doing it for years."
A.V. "This wine is feisty."
T.B. "This wine is heavy-set."

N.A. "Once I drank a whole bottle of Chianti alone and it was the best night of my life. I woke up and saw the empty bottle, a [Swiss Chalet] chicken carcass, and my underwear on the floor and I was like 'what happened?'"

N.A. notes that stemless wine glasses are not appropriate for whites and not large enough for a proper swirl and A.V. notes that she is getting fingerprints all over the glass from eating too many chips. L.S. asks what do they want, she just purchased the stemless glasses today.

General group discussion includes: pros and cons of the Diva Cup vs. no name Isreali tampons, how Guinness helps new moms get iron and rest, how bar soap gets oil stains out, how no one ever says what having a baby is really like.

L.S. reads the tasting notes retrieved using Google. When she reads "for bone-dry-heads, this is it" there are a few comments from members of the group (A.V. "You're a bone-dry-head.")

A.V. "We don't get cable but if I could get just one channel, I'd get The Kardashians."

(All notes recorded and transcribed by Antoinette Di Michele - pictured below)

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