Bye Bye Oprah

This is in no way "news". I have never claimed to be a blog that keeps you posted with up-to-the-minute coverage. Sometimes I don't even post for weeks. And to be honest, I barely take time to watch the actual news (unless TMZ is news?).

Really, this post is about the queen of weight fluctuation talk shows, Oprah. We all know Oprah is ending in a few days but instead of talking about the sad times (depends who you're asking, i guess), lets focus on the good times. Oprah's Favorite Things. Oprah's Favorite Things is... well... indescribable in words really. Why talk about Oprah when I could just recycle images I found online from the worlds (2nd) greatest blog: "Faces of the Last Season of Oprah"? I found the site several months ago but looking back on the same images i'd already seen - well, lets just say this will never get old.

I'm about to go overboard with the photos. Give each one the special time and care it deserves. These are works of art, people. You're very welcome.

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