The Judy Review, Vol. 5: N/A

The Judy Review is a sporadic phone conversation with my mom regarding films she watches, transcribed for your reading pleasure. To read all Judy Reviews, click [here].

JUDY: "Oh, so I watched a movie last night."
Me: "Oh great! Finally!"
JUDY: "Yea - or two nights ago..."
Me: "Which movie?"
JUDY: "Oy, you know what, Laur?"
Me: "What?"
JUDY: "I can't remember."
Me: "Seriously?"
JUDY: "I think it was good though."
Me: "Great..."
JUDY: "Or maybe not. I think I fell asleep."
Me: "Oh God."
JUDY: "Maybe that's why I can't remember."
Me: "Likely."
JUDY: "It was an old movie, I think."
Me: "That's all you got?"
JUDY: "Don't put this on your blog."
Me: "Trust me, I won't."

Next time on The Judy Review, Vol. 6: TBD

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