This Is A Referral

Over a couple of beers and Seinfeld trivia, Peter; a friend of mine, recently revealed to me that he too was a huge alcoholic has a blog. I knew I wanted to post a referral but since I didn't blog about it right away, the blogs name happened to escape my memory. Could've also been the beers, by the way.

Anyway - I finally decided to write this post but when the time came, I couldn't for the life of me remember the blogs name. I put this entry on hold for 2 full days while I tried to recount the website which turned out to be freeharpoons.tumblr.com - Luckily he had enlightened me with it's origin which helped me figure it out in the first place, that of which I am about to share. 

As he recounted it, in one of the very first episodes of Law & Order SVU - Munch (Richard Belzer, pictured below) was visiting with the Coroner who of course he was hitting on. She told him she could not continue on with this conversation as she had to attend to removing a harpoon from a corpse. Munch proceeded to ask her what it was that made her interested in this field of work at all to which she replied.... "free harpoons".

I loved this story. Loved. I loved it because I love Munch and I love Law & Order SVU. But what I loved the most was that this scene was what he named his blog after. A scene at least 10 years old that had no importance to the grand storyline whatsoever. But two words that he enjoyed so much that he'd name his entire blog after it. It's reasons like this that I find this friend so fascinating and hilarious. Of course his blog follows suit.

If you're tired of my infrequent and erratic postings and are looking for something a little different (and enjoyed the story above - because that is typically the kind of humour and subject matter his blog contains) then I suggest you become a "reader of Peter". I made that tagline up, btw. I know, i know- i'm amazing.

Tell him I sent you. You'll get nothing.


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