Relax, will you? Before you go all "oh, that's not right, they're children, waaa waaa waaa...", give me a chance to explain myself. I'm not saying their haircuts aren't nice. All i'm saying is that maybe they're just not right for them. It almost seems as though Adam is cutting their hair? Is that what's going on? Because if that's what's going on then i'm kind of OK with that. He's a comical genius. Maybe it's performance art. Either way...

If you're wondering who those two ladies are that have been superimposed (by me!) on the above paparazzi shot, i'll tell you. The one in the higher area is one of the Watson Twins, who are actually these amazing songstresses (twins, obviously) who can be found either teaming with Jenny Lewis or doing their own solo (though still duo) thing. The other female is Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's. Basically, if you're not into music at all or simply just have no idea who these two are, they're like... really fucking cool. Oddly enough, they're rocking the Sandler kids hairdo's and they look bad ass. So like I said... it's not like these haircuts aren't nice. Maybe they're just not right for them.

Sandler, be a mentsch. Take some of that Madison money and go get these girls some proper haircuts PLEASE. You are butchering their adorableness by blinding us with something that looks like it was styled by Scrappy Coco.

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