The Coat: An Institution in Winterwear

You may recognize The Coat (above) from the early 1990's when it first hit the scene. It was primarily worn by teachers, elderly shopping mall roamers and your aunt and it was available in several different styles. It was often decorated with uneven diamond shaped patchwork, and had several variations of base colour (emerald green iridescent being the most popular - a rare treat was the deep violet). Most were 3/4's in length, with a floor length version also available - making it one of the most unattractive yet popular coats on the market.

Today, these coats can still be found wandering the streets of most major Canadian cities - and boy is it exciting when you spot one! In fact, I saw one last night but unfortunately I was in a rush and couldn't snap a photo. The spotting did however inspire this post and my new quest.

I am currently compiling a bank of The Coat images. Please send any The Coat sighting photos to adaptedfromanovel@gmail.com - Credit will be given. Please help me in building the internets largest (and only) The Coat database. Let's try and conserve it's memory before The Coat has been abolished completely. Together, we can make a difference.

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