Happy Birthday Chaimsy

Chaims is like a Katy Perry song.

At first you're like "Which one's Katy Perry, again? The one that looks like Zooey Deschanel, right?". Then you're all "Hmmm... This is actually pretty catchy. I don't wanna like it, but I do!". And then you're like "Holy shit!!! This is my favorite fucking song ever!!! All i wanna do is party and dance to this song and blast it in my car and sing it at the top of my lungs!!! This song is like, the song of the year!!! I'm obsessed with it!!!". But then after a few weeks you're like "If I never have to hear this Katy Perry song again, I will die a happy human being". But unfortunately, the radio will never stop playing it. Ever.

Happy Birthday Chaimsy!!! I love you!!!


Yzerman said...

Chaims is making the face kenny makes when posing in pics.

lolo said...

kenny gives more eyebrow (if thats even possible)