The Intern

History is brimming with stories of remarkable interns.

Just off the top of my head there's Monica Lewinsky at The White House, L.C. at Teen Vogue... You know what, maybe there aren't that many. In fact, maybe there are none at all. Looking back at that list (if you can call it that) they don't seem to qualify as remarkable in the least bit, am I right? Lewinsky was kind of a slut who truthfully gained nothing else but brief buzz about her terrible handbag line. And L.C. - well, we all know what happened to L.C. (no, we don't).

Allow me to present a thesis - and since I don't actually know what a thesis is, I have no idea what i'm talking about and it will likely be just a bold, irrational statement rather than a thesis...


My intern coughs. That's seriously all she contributes to the office assuming you consider coughs to be beneficial at the workplace (they aren't). She doesn't speak English, she doesn't do any work, she breaks valuables, comes in late, leaves early and her perfume gives me a headache.

I HATE HER. Seriously.

I can't tell you much else or really elaborate on that. I'd try and get a picture for you but i'm pretty sure she'd be invisible on film, just as she is to the natural environment in which she presents herself. Instead, I will post some pictures of Monica Lewinsky's handbag line. They are equally awful.

This was the only photo I could find of Monica's handbag line. Apparently it's no longer? No idea why.

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