The Judy Review, Vol. 2: Country Strong

The Judy Review is a sporadic phone conversation with my mom regarding films she watches, transcribed for your reading pleasure. To read all Judy Reviews, click [here].

Me: "So did you ever end up seeing Country Strong?"
JUDY: "Of course! I saw it weeks ago."
Me: "And?"
JUDY: "I liked it."
Me: "What'd you like about it?"
JUDY: "I forget. Anyway, it was very good."
Me: "Yea?"
JUDY: "Well it was good. It was entertaining."
Me: "Good."
JUDY: "You saw it?"
Me: "No."
JUDY: "So go see it."
Me: "I don't want to."
JUDY: "Ok fine, so why'd you even ask?"
Me: "Forget it."
JUDY: "No, tell me!"
Me: "I was just asking, mom."
JUDY: "Fine. Don't tell me."
Me: "So what movie are you gonna see next?"
JUDY: "Why should I tell you?"

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