About A Brownie: A Conversation In Text

It's Lit Espresso Bar's birthday today. I got a free butter cream mint brownie. I may drop it in your mailbox.
ME: You eat it. I'm at work. Plus I have a shared mailbox, my neighbour would probably steal it.
ANTOINETTE: Damn! Should I give it to Aly? It looks to die for.
ME: Why won't you eat it?
ANTOINETTE: It's so good looking and smelling and I am obsessive. I would walk here every day if I try it. It's like i'd be chasing a mint chocolate butter cream dragon.
ME: Hahah Ok! Leave it! My neighbour would have to be pretty disturbed to eat a brownie from a mailbox anyway.
ANTOINETTE: If I was your neighbour I would probably eat this. When it comes to treats I sometimes have a lax moral code.
ME: Just eat it. It's "International Women's Day". Your fore-mothers fought for your right to eat this brownie.
ANTOINETTE: Ok, I just tasted the butter cream. Check your mailbox tonight. Only time will tell if I have the will power.
ME: I'm actually excited about the prospect of finding a half-eaten brownie in a mailbox. I need a boyfriend. Or a puppy even.
ANTOINETTE: They need too much attention. Truth be told, I ate 12 cupcake tops yesterday and that's why I can't today. The way I was throwing the cupcakes out was by licking the icing off and throwing the rest away.
ME: Aaaand... the truth comes out.

ME: That reminds me of the muffin tops episode in Seinfeld when they hire Newman to "take care of the problem"... to eat all the stumps they can't get rid of. Basically you are an asset. Embrace it. Put it on your resume, even!
ANTOINETTE: I am Newman!!!

ME: Is it alright if I blog this conversation?
ANTOINETTE: Blog this conversation?? Go for it! I'm honored.
ME: You had me at "chasing a mint chocolate butter cream dragon".
ANTOINETTE: It's a very real danger for me.

Oh yea, and Happy Birthday, LIT espresso bar. (That was originally the point of this post, clearly I derailed)

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