Ironic Post Title: "Not My Cup 'O Tea".

I know this is a little off topic in terms of this blog - I don't normally encroach on diverse subjects like food & beverage but... What are your thoughts on tea? Am I alone when I say that it's the grossest drink ever? Tea is just luke warm water with some obscure fruity or plant'y light flavouring. From that information alone one would conclude it's disgusting.

Not luke warm, you say? No? Oh so you're drinking scolding hot water. Oh, I didn't realize. That's cool. So not luke warm then...

Regardless, Tea is awful. I'm currently forcing myself to drink it because I have a very important meeting tomorrow and I'm nursing a horrific cough and cold. I don't want to make an impression as "the girl with that cough". Been there, done that. On any other day, you'd be hard pressed to find me with such a revolting potable like Tea. I keep it real with a cappuccino which has consistency and taste. I know, I know, old fashioned.

I asked some friends for advice on getting rid of a cough quickly. Here's one of their answers...

ME: I have an important meeting tmrw at 11am and have this awful cough. Any advice?
CHAIMS: Put a pencil in your mouth and drink a glass of water upside down.
ME: You're kidding, right?

Based on that response, I must ask - nay, BEG of you to email me tips on getting rid of a bad cough in under 24 hours or by the time you read this, maybe 12. Tips can be sent to adaptedfromanovel@gmail.com. The winner will receive a trip for 2 (one of those people being myself) to my favourite restaurant. They will have to pay for themselves.

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