The Judy Review, Vol. 3: Unknown

The Judy Review is a sporadic phone conversation with my mom regarding films she watches, transcribed for your reading pleasure. To read all Judy Reviews, click [here].

JUDY: "Oh, I saw a movie!"
Me: "Yea??"
JUDY: "Yea. Unknown."
Me: "Oh yea, I saw that too. Good, eh?"
JUDY: "It was quite good."
Me: "Agreed."
JUDY: "I mean, it's not winning an Academy Award or anything."
Me: "Obviously."
JUDY: "If you see it, you have to see it from the beginning."
Me: "Why would I not see it from the beginning?"
JUDY: "I'm just saying... it's very... intriguing."
Me: "Okay."
JUDY: "And Liam Neeson of course is unbelievable."
Me: "Yea he's good."
JUDY: "And this girl playing his wife. January Something. Her real name."
Me: "Yea, Jones."
JUDY: "Very different looking."
Me: "Well..."
JUDY: "You know her?"
Me: "Yea mom."
JUDY: "You saw the movie?"
Me: "Yea, I said that before."
JUDY: "Isn't she different looking?"
Me: "I guess, I mean, she's blonde and tall and white, so..."
JUDY: "Exactly. Loved her."

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