To Know Me Is To Love Me

I just got the following message on Facebook from a friend who I literally haven't spoken to in years. I guess i'm posting this so you can get an idea of what it's like to be my friend. As far as a picture drawn for you, this is as clear as it'll come.
Hey Lo - I know it's been a long time but for some reason I just thought of the time (probably 8 years ago) when we were in Madona Pizza and you asked me to give you a bunch of cigarettes so you could put them all in your mouth at the same time and light them. I was like "it wont be funny and you're gonna waste all our smokes". Anyway i don't know if you remember, but i caved and it was hands down the funniest thing i've seen to this day. I literally remember not being able to breathe. Unforgettable. Lots of love! xoxo
So, yea. I guess some things never change. Also, of course I remember it. It serves as a driving force in me wanting to have children (so I could pass down not only that beautiful story but my natural talent for comedy, as well).

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